What is Your Listing Agent Really Doing for You?

The original title of this post was, What Is Your Real Estate Agent Really Doing For You?  The topic was too broad, however, because an agent can work with a client in one of two ways.

  1. As a listing agent when you want to sell your home
  2. As a buyer’s agent when you want to buy a home. I guess if you want to get technical, there’s a third way.
  3. If you’re selling one home to buy another, and you use the same agent for both transactions – lucky agent. He or she is working for you in both these capacities. Shreveport Real Estate Agents

So, do you really know what a listing agent does for you? Do you understand what they’re doing to earn their compensation? And do you understand just how much money they actually receive when you use their services?  There are some basic things you should expect from your listing agent.  These are things that must be accomplished to get your home on the market.  They include:

  • Explain and complete the Listing Agreement with a purchase price decided by you
  • Complete and review the MLS Data form (this is the information that will be entered into the database that all agents access to find homes for their buyers)
  • Have you complete the state-mandated Property Disclosure and Lead Based Paint forms
  • Discuss the Showing Instructions
  • Take Photos of the inside and outside of your house
  • Install a Lockbox or alternate way for other agents to show your home
  • Install the broker’s Yard Sign with flyer boxes and sign riders
  • Enter the MLS Data and Photos to make your listing “active” in the database

That’s it.

  Looks like nothing more than filling out some forms and putting out a sign, right?  Well, for some agents this is the beginning and the end of what they do to get your house on the market.

Trust me, though.

There are several very important items in the list above that can make the difference between For Sale and Sold.  Actually an agent’s work begins with the first call from you to set up a listing appointment.  What happens between that phone call and when you are greeting them at your front door?  That’s what the next post is about, so follow me to… What’s So Important About The Listing Agreement?

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