First, let me say that I welcome the opportunity to sit down with you to discuss the possibility of me listing your house.  Second, let me say that I don’t accept every listing that comes my way.

My approach to getting your home sold in a timely manner at the highest price the market will bear is what sets me apart from almost all other agents.  We are living in a world different world than the one that existed even five years ago.

It used to be enough to put a sign in the yard and enter the house details in the Shreveport Multiple Listing Service.  Today, with home buyers familiar with television reality shows like House Hunters and Property Brothers, most buyers are looking for their new home to be move-in ready and model perfect.

My Comprehensive Marketing Plan is a two-pronged approach that includes specific areas that must be addressed in order to get your home sold:


Price competitively

Your home will garner the most interest within the first week or two of hitting the market.  If your home is overpriced, buyers will pass your home up to view similar homes with lower prices.  The longer your house sits on the market, the more people will wonder what is wrong with it.

Know your competition

Every house that is similar to yours is your competition.  Buyers have a choice of those houses or yours.  I encourage my clients to take the time to go with me on a tour of the other homes in their neighborhood or area that they will be competing against.

Prepare your home to beat the competition

This step involves cleaning, de-cluttering, and staging.  Doing these three things will make a big impression on all buyers and make your home stand out.

Have a pre-listing property inspection

Getting caught up on deferred maintenance and taking care of any issues the property inspector finds will ensure that your home is in top-notch condition.  It will also prevent most unpleasant surprises when/if the buyer has their own property inspection.

Make showing your home easy

This includes leaving the home when a showing is scheduled, not restricting showing times, and removing pets for showings.

Accept the buyer feedback and adjust accordingly

I will do everything I can to get feedback from the buyer’s agent.  This is valuable information that can shorten the time your home is on the market if we make changes that we feel are necessary based on the feedback we receive.

Be ready to accept the first offer

Conventional wisdom in the real estate industry shows that the first offer is usually the best one you’ll receive.  Sometimes there is the tendency to hold out for more money, especially if the offer comes in quickly.  This is often a mistake.



In order to determine the list price, I perform a comprehensive comparative market analysis of your competitions currently on the market and those that are under contract or have recently sold.  This ensures that your home is neither under priced or over priced.

The Competition

I will preview that competition we talked about.  It will give us a good idea where your home currently falls within the scale of so-so to great!

Beating the Competition

A clean, uncluttered, inviting home always stands head and shoulder above other houses where these things haven’t been done.  I’ll have suggestions from my past experience on what you can do to help your home shine.  And remember, staging doesn’t have to cost anything!


Although the Shreveport Multiple Listing Service has an automated email feedback feature for buyer’s agents to leave comments, very few actually do.  I call the agents to gather their and their clients feedback on your house – both positives and negative.  You’ll have access to the showing system I use that allows you to track your home’s showings and the feedback given by the showing agents and potential buyers.

The Offer

When an offer comes in, we’ll look at an updated comparative market analysis to make sure we’re up to speed on recent sales and new listings.  We’ll discuss the negotiating points, and I’ll give you my opinion on the next step to take, as well as negotiate on your behalf.


I ensure that your home receives outstanding promotion to the largest number of buyers.


I promote all my listings not only on the Shreveport Multiple Listing Service, but on a large number of real estate websites such as, Zillow, and Trulia to name just a few.  Your home will also be featured on my website, blog, and Facebook page.


I make sure that all your neighbors know that your home is on the market.  They are often a good source of buyers.

Open House

Holding your house open is another great way to let your neighbors know your home is for sale, as well as the general public. It’s not often that a home is sold as the result of an open house, but it does happen! I’ll be glad to host an open house for you and work to get the most people through the home that I can.


Great pictures are always important, but especially because now over 95% of home buyers begin their home search on the internet.  With the ability to have over 30 pictures on the Multiple Listing Service, I can ensure maximum exposure of your property both there and on other sites.


An important part of the success of the client-agent relationship is effective and timely communication.  A key part of the service I provide is to make sure that you are kept up to date on what is happening in your real estate transaction all along the way.

If you’ve read this far – thank you.  This is just a sampling of what I do on my end to get your home sold.  With a team approach, combining Your Part and My Part, I have a system in place that simply works.  It’s no longer enough to put the sign in the yard and the information on the MLS.  Those days are long gone.

I am confident that the skills I offer will make a difference in the success of your next real estate transaction.  Give me the opportunity to earn your business! 

When you’re ready to make a move, call me at 318-918-8248.

I look forward to visiting with you!

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